Sunday, June 11, 2017


Never Forget

The people chose Hillary Clinton.
But it’s the electoral vote that counts,
not the popular vote,
just more greedy corrupt politicians,
so Donald Trump will be president.
And no, I’m not over it.

We are told to " never forget"
And there is nothing forgettable about
how trump came to power.
I won't forget the racism,
disability prejudice, bigotry or sadism.
I won’t forget the pandering to the angry white vote
and the constant rhetoric attacking
Mexicans, Muslims, Arabs and African Americans.
I won't forget the mendacity, vulgarity and craziness
whenever he opened his mouth.
I won't forget his uneducated comments
on foreign affairs and unwavering support for Russia.
I won’t forget the ease in which he talks
about using nuclear weapons,
"we have then, why aren’t we using them?".

I will not forget all that Mr. Trump has and has not earned.
Trump has not earned my trust, far from it.
He has earned extreme skepticism of promises,
those that shouldn't be kept and those already forgotten.
He has earned the demonstrations across the country,
citizens joined by pain and crushed hope.
He has earned scrutiny and judgment by the press,
whom he blamed for every misstep of his campaign
and he has earned the vigilance and watching eyes
of the public he has divided but must now serve.

I definitely won’t forget the results.
Clinton received the most but
Trump got the corrupt electoral nod.
I won't forget those protests that came after.
What do you expect when hate
was chosen to run the country?

Maybe it all can turn out different
because in the end I saw
my friends and family come together.
The country, the entire world, should do the same.
As long as we stand as one
against the legion of corrupt politicians
and greedy industrial capitalists
and tell President Trump that
we will be heard, we will be respected,
we will have justice if our people call for it...

And we WILL be watching.

The present, the past, the future...
These things I will not forgive.
These things I will not forget.

--Craig Firsdon

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