Saturday, June 10, 2017


the first 100 days

In the first 100 days
I read more than 100 stories
about corruption, collusion
incompetence and lies

I’ve tried to explain a president
who insults people to my grandsons
and played out thoughts of nuclear war

I’ve been heartbroken and rudely awakened
thinking about uninsured sick people dying
and the little North Korean refugee
who cried when she said, “armed with knives
we were prepared to kill ourselves
if we were going to be sent back”

In the first 100 days
I’ve looked up narcissism
fascism, white supremacy and dark money
I’ve gone to bed unnerved
and woke up feeling dirty

I’ve signed petitions
shared information
and haven’t been able to forget
“grab them by the pussy”
“beat the crap out of them
I’ll pay your legal fees”

For at least 100 days
I’ve been drowning in a swamp
a snake oil con of billionaires
burning bridges and rattling sabers
while trying to convince me
the world is flat

I’ve mourned the disregard of facts
of common sense and science
I’ve felt threatened, held hostage and robbed
watching corporate give-aways
and environmental protections signed away
like broken treaties
like blankets spreading small pox

I’ve watched the nightly news
for signs that it will stop
And for every one of those 100 days
I’ve said “This is not okay”

______Colleen Redman

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