Thursday, June 29, 2017


Ostriches and Camels

White Bliss scratched
Mr Munson scratched
Spicebomb change overcheck
The American Kings go on at ten
complete with lights and Morricone’s theme
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Elvis hips swing, the velocity of slicked back hair
ancient couples in matching t-shirts, matching socks, shiny shoes
swing, get low on carpets
that are an ocean on the right drugs

Jimmy Reed covers as the Pens start
period three, on one tv a latino jockey
rides with an American flag
they superimpose him and the flag
layers of patriotism, all the glory

Rickenbacker and Gretch
pretty in the backlight
nurses and business men
leopard prints and sequins
do the shimmy, the swim
the bunny hop, white hair bobs
along to Louie Louie

The Pens are going down
The tv advertises stud fees
ostriches and camels june sixteenth
Corona bottles turn red, lost in lights
as patrons cheer the first set
shiny shoes  still shiny

a man from buffalo says
Why are we even looking at ice
it’s goddamn fucking June?

--Jason Baldinger 

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