Friday, October 13, 2017



broken sleep
broken nightmares and sometimes broken dreams
broken promises that i never
planned to keep
broken rib cage and broken knees
broken shoulder
a broken stiff neck
in the broken mirror a broken face staring back at me
broken faucet and broken sink
broken ceiling full of yellow water
waiting to rain down
broken screen
broken fleas hovering over wine bottles and toilets
broken window being held up by a classic novel
broken locks and broken lights
broken internet connection
broken people on the street
playing on their broken phones and standing in my way
broken city and broken rent hikes
broken condos blocking out the sun
broken tourists eating broken chain store burgers
while broken workers are starving for a wage
broken gentrification
get me a broken big gulp to satisfy my every broken need
broken wine bars and broken hipsters
broken gourmet coffee and broken sushi
broken artisan avocado burger eaten on the broken subway
bankrupt president
broken government that can’t get it down
broken democracy
and a broken constitution suffocating under broken glass
broken globe and broken weather
this broken drought
broken polar ice caps
in a dying ocean sweating bullets in winter
broken hurricane bearing down on broken me
broken art scene
broken poems
broken artists working retail because you’re broken and you stream
broken communications
and the broken crazy cat lady calls me cruel
because i no longer want
to feed her
broken strays. 

--John Grochalski

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