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WineDrunk SideWalk : ShipWrecked in TrumpLand week FORTY wrap up

week FORTY y'all

So....because I'm a glutton for punishment I decided to check the ol' PTSD factor and I decided to go ahead and give Joshua Green's book, Devil's Bargain a go. For those of you who don't know about the book, it's basically a look at how Trump, with Stephen Bannon's help, managed to barnstorm the American electorate to become the 45th President of the United States. For me, who believed all along that DOUCHE was going to win, it was still a pretty telling, and at times obvious, layout of how they managed to run. I'm not going to spoil the book here (the Trump presidency has managed to do that all on its own), but I am going to say this: I've made a decent amount of fun of Stephen Bannon on this blog, but I have to admit here what a shrewd, dedicated, analytic and doggedly dedicated Nazi he is. And he's not stopping. If Bannon was naive at all about Trump winning the White House it was probably the ease in which he thought Republicans would roll over and begin implementing DOUCHE's White Nationalist GOP might be a pack of spineless domestic terrorists, but they'll be damned if they vote for things like infrastructure.

Bannon's leaving the White House had nothing to do with any kind of fact from what i've been reading Bannon and DOUCHE still communicate rather regularly. No, i'm of the opinion that Stephen Bannon leaving the Trump administration was a gamble and a chess move that both of them are hoping will pay off by is that? Well....Steven Bannon has already managed to pull off one GOP senate primary upset with the ascendance of Roy Moore in Alabama....and he's poised to try and pull this same deal off in the many GOP primaries leading up to the 2018 elections, replacing your garden variety GOPer with those people who are more in line with Trump and his white nationalist ideas of how government should run.

The working theory?  If you can win the presidency but can't change how Washington works from the highest office in the land....why not change it at the legislative level and try and get rid of all of those who don't agree....and then the rest of them, like America's favorite, spineless lap dog, Paul Ryan, will just get in line to save their jobs....not their country, mind you, their JOBS.

You know...there's a working theory that Trump is such a disaster that people will come out in force in 2018 and vote the GOP out and will have a totally democratic controlled House and Senate....first...that's utter bullshit where the House is concerned....they've gerrymandered the fuck our of that. The Senate is no sure thing either....there are quite a number of Democratic seats up in 2018 as well.

So I offer this scenario....let's say Stephen Bannon succeeds in getting a lot of incumbent GOPers replaced via the primaries by his people, and let's say the mid-term turnout isn't quite what we liberal folks it that hard to envision a congress/senate going into 2019 still in total GOP control, only this time filled with many more people willing to push Trump's Nazi agenda and the ones left over doing nothing to stop it.?

case in point...look at the retirement of Bob Corker and the surprise retirement of Jeff Flake....these two would be the LAST two i'd consider bastions of liberal thought...and both greedily voted numerous times to end health care for millions of people....but even THEY can't withstand the depth they'd have to go to appeal to the Trump/Bannon base come next year.

politics are tribal.....remember when all those "good" middle-class and wealthy white people would NEVER vote for Trump?

welcome to fascism....American style.


I'm not going to go into a lot this week because i'm actually quite tired and working my ass off to finish the next Rand novel, The Poet, which maybe 1 person is looking forward to.

But how about the tax plan they GOP is trying to push down our throats without any Democratic opposition!  What a bundle of joy for the middle class......if by middle class you mean coprorations who are going to see a 35% to 20% reduction in taxes!  And especially us folks in New York State and New Jersey who are going to get FUCKED when it comes to state and local tax deductions! Reading about this I'm not quite sure what/whom the GOP think the middle class is. folks still shaking your head and wondering when John Kelly became a vile prick....have you not being reading a newspaper since 11/9/2016? The man is a fucking creep.

Some final food for thought in this brief week FORTY is it that Trump's asshole kid taking a meeting with Russians to get dirt on Hillary Clinton just opposition research and Trump HIMSELF publicly asking Russia to help find 30,000 missing Clinton emails just him making jokes...but the possibility that the Clinton campaign may have helped fund Trump's hooker-pissing dossier some kind of treason act?

oh...i forgot....the patriarchy.

well.....stick around as we march further into at 10:30 is the poetry of Jennifer Lagier and tomorrow at the same time Jon Bennett returns

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