Thursday, March 5, 2009

poem of the day 03.05.09


dave keeps his apartment spotless
he did so even when he lived alone
you can never find a spec of dust anywhere
or a random shirt underneath the bed
maybe some dirty socks laying on the floor
and he’s always been a decent dresser
taking almost an hour
to pick out his wardrobe for the day
he likes micro-brewed beer and italian wine
and work conventions
and bars that seem edgy on the outside
and when he laughs it’s silent
but forceful as if he’s choking on something.
dave never needs to leave brooklyn
there’s nowhere else he’d rather be
nowhere else worth his time
and besides one day he’s going to make
it big in film
even though he’s pushing forty
and doesn’t even make films anymore
dave loves to try all of the new restaurants
in his neighborhood
and is the kind of guy who likes to knock
on a new neighbor’s door, welcoming them.
he does everything in moderation
like food and drink and sex
and dave even likes to take the wine glass away
from his girlfriend when he thinks she’s had too much.
he’s a good guy and everyone likes him
he’s the guy who collects your keys at a house party
and offers to watch your cats when you go away.
dave likes to bear hug people when he sees them.
we’ve known each other for too many years now
my wife and his girlfriend are friends
and when we go out to a bar, dave likes to work a room
and talk to all of his artist friends
about how they’re going to take over new york city
one of these days, maybe even philly,
while my wife sits next to her friend
and they discuss work, poetry, and other sundry things
as i sit alone and drink too much beer
and stare at the red, neon exit sign
hanging lonely above the wooden bar door.

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