Friday, April 17, 2009

poem of the day 04.17.09


she had nothing
do to while
the rest of us worked
her grandmother took care of her
owned a sandwich shop in
and paid all of her bills
she used to bring me
a sandwich for lunch
and the two of us
would eat outside
the carnegie library
laughing and talking
about whatever
young lovers discussed
when it was all new
and worth discussing
then she would leave me
to go and sunbathe
in schenley park
she had soft white skin
and she burned so easily
in the evenings she would
come to my apartment
her face red
her body red except for
the bikini lines
and she would lay on
my bed naked
moaning in pain
the wrong kind of moaning
for an evening in my youth
and i would play doctor
and get out the lotion
rub it on her back
rub it on her legs
rub it on her ass even
though it wasn’t burned
my cock getting hard
thinking all this beautiful
naked flesh at my fingertips
and there was nothing to do
with it but look
which is exactly what i did
the whole night as she slept
i looked over all of that flesh
i studied it like a sailor
charting the next course
i’d take along her body
once she felt better
and decided she’d had enough
fun in the sun
for a while.

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