Friday, May 7, 2010

poem of the day 05.07.10

getting knifed

i don’t understand these kids at all
like i don’t understand a lot of things
when i was thirteen my only goals in life
were to cadge smokes from my old man
jack off and look at girls
of course i did all of this in between meals
maybe i’m seeing the world through
rose-colored glasses
forgetting the awkward sadness for a moment
but these guys now
with their pubic mustaches
still play kids games on computers
and watch cartoons
the girls dress like little whores
in skin tight jeans
and t-shirts that don’t cover the flesh
these heroes just like them walk on by
it’s nothing but
for this generation
i try to get it
like why this kid, angry over some
japanese cartoon card game
has decided to start choking himself
in the middle of the room
while the other kids back away
i’m curious as to why he starts throwing chairs
i try to ask him
but he threatens to knife me
actually he asks me if i’d like him to come back
and stab me
i give him the old clint eastwood face
i tell him to give it his best try
he makes to leave but stops at the door
he begins kicking at the secured glass
he smacks his head off the door
the other kids are already back to playing
video games and updating their status on facebook
they are playing another round
of japanese cartoon card killers
while this kid starts strangling himself outside the joint
he’s asking people on the street
if they have a knife
these kids must think we’re all carrying guns and knives
just waiting for some cinematic battle royal
to break out
i try to reason with him
but he’s back to threatening me and smacking his head
off of the heavy glass
so i have to call the cops
they don’t make it any better
just cuff the kid while he slinks to the ground
and cries for his mother
they go through his bag and they tell him
that he better talk
because they are the only friend that he has right now
i watch all of this with a sickness buried in me
i hate the cops
i hate the kids
i hate that i can’t understand a fucking thing these days
i guess that i just don’t get the right channels
on my 3-d high definition tv
soon his mother is standing outside the door
her look of apathy is mind boggling
i’m surprised that she’s not sending someone an email
telling them how rough she has it
then the ambulance shows up
it is madness on another bright afternoon street in america
we all stop and stare
as another who couldn’t take the 21st century heat
bites the digital dust
the kids inside the building are watching
they are sending texts and photos to all of their friends
broadcasting rhythms into their little world
this moment is already temporary legend for us to watch
one million hits by dinner time folks
while this kid is sitting in some rubber room
thinking japanese cartoon cards
random acts of violence
the dollar menu at mcdonald’s
how many hits his little outburst is getting on youtube
while i’m at home making my way
through a shitty six pack and burnt chicken breast
wondering if the counting crows and mozart
will be able to get me through this
latest episode of the fall of rome.

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We're on the same wavelength, John...