Friday, March 1, 2013

poem of the day 03.01.13

horse meat

there is all of this business lately
about horse meat

horse meat in the burgers
horse meat in the lasagna

and horse meat in the swedish meatballs

the good fat citizens of the world are complaining
about the horse meat

the news reporters are doing their job
getting to this bottom of this
and giving us the truth with a smile
before the evening game shows come on the tv

and the good fat corporations of the world
have been found out

they are pulling products
faster than a high school boy
getting off on prom night

but one wonders what’s the point?

what does it matter what you eat
once the animal has been stunned and decapitated
slaughtered and placed on the rack

its blood and fecal matter
slathering into a puddle on a cold factory floor

is it really of consequence
when you’ve got that hunger for flesh and sinew?

so everyone just calm down
let the corporations give us what we want

all the salt and fat that we can handle

let’s not stop the meat grinder of commerce over a trifle

let’s just close our eyes
open wide
and keep shoving it down

clogging the arteritis like good little consumers

because whether it be

or pig
or cow
or dog
or cat
ostrich and frog
or a brand newborn human baby boy

none of it really matters

and most of it just tastes like chicken anyway.


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