Monday, November 2, 2015

poem of the day 11.02.15

man in the white robe

the man in the white robe
is crossing 59th street
like he doesn’t have a care in the world
smoking his cigarette
you can’t even tell if he has clothing on
underneath that thing
just a white robe and flip flops
people on their way to work are staring
americans still have that impulse issue
when one of these things is not like the other
it sets their rigid little world off balance
some dude took a picture
just to make sure the shit was real
i guess the man in the white robe
will end up on some shitty facebook page or blog today
maybe he should be sucking down coffee
playing on his cell phone
looking like he wants to commit murder
before nine o’clock like the rest of us
not walking around like some soft cloth dandy
i mean thank god the cops aren’t around to see this
these days those motherfuckers don’t even need a reason
two latina girls are laughing
at the man in the white robe
they’re standing at the corner pointing and howling
making enough noise to raise the rest of brooklyn
they each have two children with them
that’s four kids if you’re doing the math
these women don’t even look twenty-five
and they have somebody pulling at them and calling them mom
so, really, i don’t know what’s so funny to them
if i was one of them i’d never laugh again
seeing a man crossing the street in a white robe
maybe he relieves the bullshit pressure
of being a mom so goddamned young
maybe he just looks like an asshole
one white robed asshole in a long line of assholes
hustling in new york for a morsel for a certain death
something to laugh at for the moment
to take away the eternal pain of existence
an anomaly on these streets for sure
passing the time until the light turns green
and this life ebbs back into its basic dull reality
this boredom going viral.                                                                      

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