Tuesday, November 3, 2015

poem of the day 11.03.15

racial harmony

too drunk
to drive
we swerve colby’s car
down smallman street
past warehouse bars
and darkened fruit docks
a car full of empty forties rattling
for the cops
we blow cancer air
yellow smoke to make steve cough
he waves the air
dudes, he says
but it’s too cold to open a window
calvin kicking colby’s seat
with his big legs
begging me for another smoke
the night was fun, i think
the club was all right, i think
the blonde was there and we had a good time
the ex-girlfriend never showed like she threatened
and none of us had seen colby in months
he slap battles calvin
an unlit camel hanging out of his mouth
but who’s watching the road? you think
the moment of impact
the four of us
get out of the car
to some black dude in an oakland a’s hat
picking up his back bumper
from the snow-filled street
we come at him like a pack
offer help
offer to exchange information
but he just smiles and scans us cold
throws the bumper in his truck
and is gone
long gone in seconds
as we sit there idling on smallman
calvin asking the dumb question
well, what was his problem?

and....one for election day:

the politicians

mornings lately
the politicians have been out in full force
standing outside the subway stations
or lurking around the bus stops

they smile
and try to shake the hands
of the common, tired citizen
on their way to work
or the unemployment office

there is usually a republican on one side
a democrat on the other
although it is hard to tell which one
is from which party

the politicians wave at everyone
and shovel their bullshit to any victim
whose hand they can grab for more than a few seconds

they talk about their vision of america
while day dreaming those automatic pay raises
gold-plated health benefits
and all of that free congressional parking

there is a faceless handler
ubiquitously next to these golden bags of gas

it is typically some vivacious young blonde
with a warm smile and perky tits
who passes out fliers
that remind everyone when election day is coming

then every few hours
the politicians switch sides of the street
to do their dog and pony show all over again

before they disappear
into the mist

a mere myth
until the next campaign season
comes again like christmas.


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