Monday, November 9, 2015

poem of the day 11.09.15

the spoken word poet

whatever happened
to the spoken world poet?

i don’t mean all of them
but that one back in pittsburgh

he had such an exotic name
i can’t even remember it

his girlfriend’s name was essence

i used to see him reading his poems to her
as they walked down walnut street

soul patch
dwayne wayne flip shades

his rap cadence made her as bored as it did me

i wonder if they’re still together
or if he’s boring another woman these days

is he even writing?

a guy like that he has to be
he can’t be out there just selling cars or stocks

back then he told every audience
that he had mornings where he just had to get up
and write a poem

he never said whether or not
he eschewed the morning coffee or the morning shit

he never said he had a hangover

perhaps he’s teaching poetry now
2pac’s lyrics right there with amiri and gary snyder too

what happened to that guy?
the spoken word poet of pittsburgh

neru or sparrow
or whatever the fuck his name was

at every reading he had to go off about bob kaufman
he was the only guy who ever really
read bob kaufman and got him

i’ll admit i’ve looked the spoken word poet
up on the internet

but there’s never anything about him
no slam battles and no headlining gigs

no nuyorican press book
with a cd of his work in the back

so you can really understand where he’s coming from

it’s like the spoken word poet
just fell off the face of the earth
without leaving a single line for us

just vanished to wherever spoken word poets go

off the grid

where he’s keeping shit real

lying in wait
for the rest of us to catch up to him

and bask in his long-sought genius.


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