Monday, January 11, 2016

poem of the day 01.11.16

in the seconds before impact

i was dreaming something
i was wondering what i did to my knee
and glad that today wasn’t a jogging day
i was shivering in the bed
having left the windows open
in a world that’s sixty degrees one day
and thirty degrees the next
i was thinking of my rumbling stomach
i was wishing the coffee had already been made
i was thinking of indian food
and this norwegian film my wife and i had just seen
i was taking a piss
and trying not to wake the cat
though deaf and blind she can still sense light
so i was walking in the dark
scratching my ass
looking out the kitchen window into black brooklyn
cursing the guy playing bass out my window
while his car idled
i was wondering why in a world full of cell phones
people still felt it incumbent upon themselves to honk
i was looking at the trees blowing in the breeze
and thinking about going to spain this year
i checked the calendar
and couldn’t believe how old i’d turn in 2016
i thought maybe i’d check the weather
and some film times
avoid the news of demagogues running for president
i crept into the living room for the ipad
i heard that cat stirring and i did not breath
i booted the machine
and hoped it still worked
saw my shaggy reflection in its gray apple light
i thought maybe i needed a haircut
then i saw the cover of an online newspaper
it told me david bowie had died
and i knew the day had gone to shit before the sunrise.


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