Thursday, January 21, 2016

poem of the day 01.21.16

pregnant pause

i ask
colby if he’s sure
but he just nods like a scholar
we watch the first snowfall
all over route 22
smoking cigarettes
in a kinko’s parking lot
pittsburgh cars flashing red brakes
no one can drive in the snow in pittsburgh
one inch or flurries
they develop this fear
i want to ask colby if he’s scared
because i know i’d be
but he doesn’t seem like he wants to talk
back in pitsburgh
for beer drunks and vodka bombs
linda dropped a bomb
set to detonate in nine months
i think how stupid
comparing the two like that
how stupid it is
to not know how to drive in snow
or buy a condom
what is life now with this in all of our laps?
and we suddenly feel so old
so…yeah, colby finally says
then doesn’t say anything else
as the cars honk
as the people act like they’re driving
through a blizzard
man, the road isn’t even wet yet
i want to say but don’t
all casual i light a new smoke off the old one
as calvin comes
tripping out of kinko’s
a stack of paper waving in his hands
licking new snow
with his hungover tongue
he says, guys
there’s some hot girls working in there
and i can’t even begin to tell you
what you know
you’re missing                                      

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