Friday, April 17, 2020


I’m ready for the revolution, are you?

entire countries have slowed or stopped
we haven’t been this still here in America since 9/11
or maybe hurricane Katrina, or during the civil war

they’re sending refrigerated trucks to NYC
for the bodies, but
we’re not supposed to think about that

turns out the poorest workers are the most essential
million dollar babies flee cities as
we see the power of retail workers uniting out of necessity

I really hope this stoppage makes the younger generations think
about what life must have been like before the internet
it was fine

entire tribes of Native Americans may vanish but
we’re supposed to fret over finances
and send emoji hugs and kisses to each other

because of the internet and cell phone technology
fewer of us are freaking out
we’re still connected somewhere out there in the clouds
somewhere where energy is buzzing in the skies
bouncing off of satellites
that no one knows how to work

it’s all we have left that hasn’t failed us yet
and if it goes?


--Heidi Blakeslee

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