Wednesday, April 1, 2020


(D.T.) Delirium Tremens

In the end,
they will crown him Emperor.
Rose petals
will be thrown at his feet from baskets
by porn stars and beauty queens
for him to walk upon.
People will come to him
and be healed by his touch.
His touch will turn them into gold
and they will become like statistics
on Stock Market charts.
He will pour goblets of oil for all
to quench their thirst.
A bounty of Big Mac's and Filet o Fish
will be eaten.
Gluttony will abound.

Scriptures will be tweeted
and read aloud in the virtual public squares.
No one will understand them
so they will be transformed into fables
of unlimited profits for all who can grab them.
His pale, untarnished image
will adorn every news feed on every phone
and many will kiss his ass.
Strip malls will be erected in his honor.
Jobs will be plentiful
at every WaWa, Wal-mart and Sheetz.

Desire, disposable plastic and insatiable lust
will become the new ecology
and will take the form of a flag
flying from the back
of someones gas guzzling pick-up truck
racing off towards the edge of a bottomless ravine,
the driver still clutching his gun as he falls.

All hail the Emperor!

--Carl Kaucher

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