Thursday, February 26, 2009

Poem of the Day 02.26.09

things are tougher all over

the first one
that i know of
who’s getting his ass
raked against the coals
in this current economic collapse
is an old friend from pittsburgh
whom i’ve recently reacquainted
myself with in new york city
which means
we’ve met for beers.
now, this friend is an old friend of mine
he’s an artist, a musician, a comic writer
of some small merit
and to make a living he does
framing work in a family-run joint
on the upper east side.
the pay was good.
good enough to keep my friend in beer
and in an apartment in one
of the more fashionable sections
of brookyn.
the problem is, at least now,
that while he is a damned fine artist
and a damned fine framer
no one is buying any art now.
people are holding it all away
banking on the storm blowing by them
even though more of us will be going under
as this year bends to months and death
once again.
but i think of my artist friend
right now
what he might be doing alone in his apartment
playing his personal video game system
and drinking tallboys of beer
hoping the government is good on its word
to help the needy
because he sent everyone an email today
asking if we knew of any leads on jobs
when i told my wife that he sent the email
she asked me if i got back to him
i told her i was figuring out what to say
as if there were any words to be said
right now.

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