Friday, February 27, 2009

Winedrunk Haikus

the third in the "anticipated" batch of NYC haikus circa 2003-2005

too tired
my belly hungry from
the smell of 6th avenue

long day
another manhattan girl
smoking without a care

brooklyn twilight
a dead rat drowned
in a spring puddle

68th street
the stink of acrid piss
perfuming the subway

oh manhattan!
your beauty
like a trick on my tv screen

thursday! 2 pm.!
just another dirty block
wednesday afternoon

in the periwinkle dawn
same gray shirt slung
over my labored back

another heart morning
collapsing at the sight
on uncaring gotham

bored cats
lost, watching the void
like me

old tabby-headed stray
moaning through piss gloom
luquer street

another rain
another gray doom
over times square neon muck

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