Wednesday, March 18, 2015

poem of the day 03.18.15


oh tammy
with your tall tales
of twelve cocks over
french fries and beer
at the squirrel cage
who could forget
the leopard print thongs
that you showed us
under the streetlights on forbes avenue
mixing beer and happy pills
was that a smart choice, doll?
taking hits on my joint too
making hints and hard-selling innuendo
drunken lipstick smeared tammy
climbing in my lap to bite my neck
with your new boyfriend outside
it was a forgone conclusion
that someone was getting laid that night
still it wasn’t going to be me and you
no matter how nice those nibbles felt
your tongue on my chin
i was licking my wounds
nursing the blonde hangover
who’d been jerking me around all summer
you and i were never meant to be
although at times
i’m curious what  you thought about
a couple of hours later
taking his virginity
outside of that mcdonald’s
on mcknight road
was it him
or one of the illustrious dozen
that you hungered down on
when the nights
got too hard

to catch your falling star.                                              

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