Monday, March 30, 2015

poem of the day 03.30.15

the world on a string

i stare into the vodka
i stare into the void

wait in soup kitchen lines
for shits and giggles and student loans

i think of half a new york city block
taken out just like that

the barricades and the people taking pictures
above the subway rats and future sinkholes

i huff gas leaks and moonwalk on collapsed bridges
i sing a song of water contamination

dance like gene kelly in a downpour
stomp like alex the droog when a water main breaks

daydream commuter trains on rusted railroad tracks
skidding into forests or main streets

i do the evolution on the hottest spring day
in packed classrooms studying for the test

i shiver in march and deny the climate
three times before the rooster crows

hopscotch potholes and cracked concrete
pole-vault highway congestion

bawl and shout the mass transit blues

i spit runny dam water and coo to newborns
if it keeps on rainin’, the levee gonna break

i watch the buildings crumble
and the planes collide

release asbestos into the air
like beautiful white doves

i’ve got the world on a string, my friend

sitting here dining on coca-cola and oreos
in the shade of another nuclear winter

tweeting my thoughts on
my favorite super-hero films

poke my blind eye with a selfie stick

as the pundits pundit the plutocrats and oligarchs
on the  news cycle 24/7

and the soldiers do a goodwill tour after tour
like a never-ending oldies act

while the civil wars rage


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