Thursday, November 20, 2008

Poem of the Day 11.20.08

.......a PROSE poem from last year

andy kaufman

ally is on my knee sleeping away new jersey and i am trying to keep awake singing r.e.m. songs when i start singing the one about andy kaufman, and suddenly andy comes to me in my head, no, no, not the jim carrey movie andy, although i liked it, but andy singing and waving in an off-white blazer with that black turtleneck he was so fond of wearing when he wanted the audience to feel comfortable, when he wanted to seem like an innocent children’s host. and something about seeing andy that way brought tears to my eyes, and i began thinking “well, this is fucking great. i’m rolling through the junklands of jersey and people are on their cell phones yapping about big nights in bars, and ally has found a way to pass the time by sleeping, and all i wanted was to hum a few bars of an old song, and all of the sudden that damned kaufman has me crying and wiping my eyes because i can’t picture anything but his dumb-child soul now. it’s a kick in the face feeling this way about a goddamned dead celebrity.

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