Tuesday, February 28, 2017


walkin talkin deportation blues

melanie says
they’re raiding warehouses
down on flatbush avenue
but i can’t find a single article about this online
she says
they’re grabbing everyone
no matter whether you did something or not
but janet says
no no no
i heard he’s only rounding up latinos
like this is some kind of a fucking lottery
of course we’ve all heard the stories
683 rounded up nationwide
a woman ripped out of the cancer ward by ICE agents
sinclair lewis couldn’t even
have made some of this shit up
it’s a good thing orwell
is back on the best seller list
leave it to america to get it right
after the fact
i want to talk about how vile and stupid donald trump is
but it seems redundant here
and really
i should probably keep my mouth shut on this one
as a white dude
i’ve done enough damage
had enough damage done in my name
and maybe my always having something to say
is part of the problem here
honestly i can’t even believe
we’re talking this way in the twenty-first century
or maybe this time is just so ripe
and my naivety knows no bounds
melanie says,
people are staying home from work and hiding
janet says,
latino kids are dropping out of school
and my neighbor won’t even go outside and drive her car
and there actually IS
an article about that stuff in the new york times
melanie sighs
she says, things are getting crazy out there
like life has become one big and bright full moon
and none of us has any cause
to doubt her
the three of us stop talking
one black lady
one latina
and one white boy roy to boot
days in america under this monster trump
are starting to feel like the beginning of the end
the great unwinding and unraveling
of over two hundred years of lies
or maybe just the final fulfillment
of bullshit manifest destiny
last call on founding fathers simply too craven
to bury their greed and hate
and really build that honest and true
city upon a hill
i think….if only we were a smarter breed on these shores
flatbush avenue, man, melanie finally says
and it still can’t find the answer
but whether it’s true or not
it feels like it could happen here now
like the seeds are sown
and the truth is whatever you make it these days
it’s elastic like a piece of gum
that’s lost its flavor
or it really doesn’t exist
at all.

      --John Grochalski


Monday, February 27, 2017



I was awake
I wanted to be asleep
but, I was awake
every shout from the street
was electric
I tossed regrouped
my pillows
and sighed deep.

I was awake
and I wanted to be asleep
the September sun
was unholy warm
I wriggled and wormed
under the static cling

I was awake
and I wanted to be asleep
every curse word
was aimed at the street.
It was on Sunday
an anti-me day
awake and flailing for sleep
waving the sheep in
calling all z’s
I am awake
and wish to be asleep.

The air conditioner
whirled too loud
I adjusted my ear plugs
the useless ear plugs,
what was I left of think.

I was awake
and wanted to be asleep
I flung my middle fingers
it is Sunday
for Christ sake
and the whole block was
alive the entire block
of blockheads couldn’t
yell at each other enough.
What the fuck
you hacks!
I am awake and I want
to be asleep.

            --Matthew Sradeja

Sunday, February 26, 2017


The Boating Party

What would Renoir make of you
adrift among too many doctors
in your pontoon upon the Mon?
The impressionists would shatter
your smile into a million glazed
facets. Seurat would point out
the sights, the sunken parking lot,
streetlights neck deep in the
rippling swells, gathered gloomy
as mourners at the wake of day.
What do artists know about joy,
or doctors for that matter, or
poets? What do tourists know
about mill strikes, scabs, and
dying on the line? When you
feel the molten works overthrow
your breathing, then you
understand joy, then you
understand drifting from the banks,
your poor tortured hand trailing
a cool design across the surface.
This is your art. Quiet, kind

                --Kristofer Collins

Saturday, February 25, 2017



America don’t do this

America you’re better than that

America stop pretending

America this isn’t reality T.V

America don’t stoop to their level

America this is real

America don’t make me copy Allen Ginsberg poems

Now is not the time.

America remember the good times

Remember Kennedy, Lincoln and FDR

America turn off your radio

The danger is at your door

America remember sweet Lady Liberty

What are you going to tell her?

How could you ever look her in the eye again

If you do this?

America what about your tired, your hungry

Your poor?

What will become of them

With Donald Trump in charge?

America you can’t be serious?

America don’t turn out the lights

America it’s not too late

America look at your withered face

In the mirror

I know you want to be beautiful again

America this isn’t the way

America let’s not fight

If you turn back now we’ll never

mention this again

Though I can’t say I’m gonna be able

to forget it almost happened.

America go to bed now

You’ve had a little too much to drink

I know you’ll feel differently about this

In the morning.


WineDrunk SideWalk: Shippwrecked in TrumpLand, Weekly wrap-up (no longer round up) Week FiVE

Week Five….and while the bombast and all-around ineptitude are still there, the “so-called” president sherbet baby-dick administration seems to be gliding comfortably into the authoritarian mode that all but the most na├»ve of americans expected. As of this writing the motherfucker barred several news sources including CNN, The New York Times, the BBC, and Politico from covering and asking questions at Friday’s press briefing. Welcome to state-run news media…or the petulant acts of a man-child…I really can’t tell which is which these days.

Anyone else getting scared and nervous? And, shit, I expected things to go down like this.

So where to start? Honestly there’s so much in the way of horrendous bullshit I’m going to be providing links A LOT this week.
Let’s start with deportation shall we? “so-called” president sherbet baby-dick and his white nationalist administration released and began enforcing their deportation plan this week, and depending on who you are talking to either it’s business as usual or there have been an uptick in raids and people are hiding on the street. Regardless….things are going to get very very bad for a lot of immigrants, illegal or otherwise, in the coming weeks, months and, god help us, years. Let’s not bullshit ourselves here, things are also going to get a lot harder for People of color, women and transgendered people (more on that) in regards to this and whatever else these neo-nazis come up with next. It’s important to know your rights and to know the facts. For the facts I’ve provided a link HERE and our friends at the ACLU have provided some information on your rights right HERE.

also...donate to the ACLU...if you can.

“so-called” president sherbet baby-dick, when not holding rallies for his idiot minions and informing us all about the dangers of living in Sweden, also found  the time this week to revoke President Obama’s guidelines on Transgender high school students using the bathrooms of their choice. The revoke had been delayed for a few days due to infighting between Attorney General Jeff Session and Education Secretary Betsy Devos over her wavering to agree to the order…or it might’ve been over having to stare at the big boner Session had for getting to give it to Transgender people. More on that HERE.

In other Sessions news…..privately run prisons….we hardly got to say goodbye and here we are tangoing again. That’s right that little summer order of President Obama’s to no longer house federal prisoners in privately run prisons….GONZO.
The Dakota Pipeline project is back up and running as protestors were removed off the land and their encampment razed….long live the oil industry…those greedy fucks.

The CPAC (conservative political action conference…or what I like to call a cleaned-up Klan rally) met this week just south of Washington. Highlights included KellyAnne (we hardly missed you) Conway coming out of hiding, Stephen K. Bannon coming out from under his rock to declare the media the opposition and that the Trump administration main agenda is to be a “deconstruction of the administrative” state, which immediately had Paul Ryan’s and Mitch McConnel’s balls looking for a place to hide.

But the main event was Friday when “so-called” president sherbet baby-dick gave another one of those vile, incoherent, self-congratulating, and rambling speeches that he loves to give. In usual fashion sherbet baby-dick went over the details about his surprising election victory, talked shit on the increasingly popular Obamacare, blasted the media as fake, and generally gave his dim and dark worldview of which only the light shining from his orange-visage will ever bring us out from under the depths.

you can read a full transcript of the asshole's rant right HERE

If I haven’t already….thanks Trump voters, especially you fucking assholes in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

And last but not least….Milo. Every pseudo-liberal’s and Bill Maher’s favorite little Christopher Hitchens wannabe. This week video surfaced of Milo extolling to virtues of man/boy love (not his advocating violence against woman, transgendered people and people of color) which, finally, FINALLY, caused an outrage and got the little douche bag to lose his book detail and his job at Der Sturmer (er, Breitbart). So apparently in America in the 21st Century you are allowed to shoot up a classroom full of kids, but we draw the line when you talk about fucking them. That said, Milo most likely won’t be gone for long…..let’s enjoy his absence while we have it.

at least so-called "president" sherbet baby-dick waited until Lindsay Lohan was 18 to talk about fucking here.  although he did do THIS

Things are finally getting ugly out there folks. And even though sherbet baby-dicks' approval rating are at 38%...he's at 80% with Republicans...which means we're most likely stuck with this fuck-face until at least 2018.  It can be hard to maintain vigilance. But keep doing it. Keep making art…and send it to me. Submit2Resist Winedrunksidewalk@gmail.com.....and stick around because we have the poetry of Steven Storrie today at 12pm EST and the poetry of Kristofer Collins tomorrow at 12pm EST as well.

Friday, February 24, 2017


national day of patriotic devotion

truth be told
i didn’t even know it was a holiday

i was just hungry
and a protein wrap seemed like the perfect antidote

i had no intention of watching the inauguration
but there it was on a big screen tv in the restaurant

the racist with a bad comb-over
waving his little hands around all of his idiot rhetoric

his oompa-loompa orange-colored skin
bright against the rainy washington background

a scan of the crowd
and it looked as if nobody had showed up for his big day

it seemed a touch coincidental, though
trump yelling about immigration on that hallowed stage
as three mexican dudes below the tv
made lunch for seemingly every old white dude
in my neighborhood

they all looked enraptured those pale geriatrics
like they were watching the super bowl or the lottery

instead of the great white dope on the screen

i tried putting my fingers in my ears
because i’d been told online by an unverifiable news source
that the cadence of trump’s voice
could cause an aneurism in certain
vulnerable members of the species

what was the truth anyway these days?

and i was already working on a mean sinus cold
so i didn’t need anything else screwing me up

still it’s pretty hard to try and order lunch
with your fingers stuck in your ears

the cashier just kept looking at me
like i was some kind of an asshole

so i had no choice but to unplug
and communicate myself as best as i could
over that dark din of that plastic fascist’s voice

i’m sure i made a pained face while she took my order
like i wanted anything in the world
but an aneurism or a protein wrap for lunch

and after i left to pick up wine
i thought of maybe running back into the restaurant
and telling her
no, dear, it wasn’t you it was…

but i’d already survived the ordeal

i wasn’t a risk taker
so a repeat performance was not an option

plus i could hear trump’s voice all up and down the block

no i was getting the hell off the street
getting the fuck out of dodge that gray and ominous afternoon

leaving the spoiled milk of democracy
to the huddled masses outside the pub

i was going home to celebrate this newly founded holiday
as i did all the other ones in america

with the windows shut and the blinds drawn
getting drunk like an alien stuck on a hostile planet

hoping that his ship was coming soon
hoping this too would pass.               

                 --John Grochalski

Thursday, February 23, 2017


Big Hair, Small Man

He walks to the podium
with a boneless swagger
and a grimace of dirt.
From his mouth come the parasites
he rallies against.
They pour down like an oil spill
to feast on torn jeans
and microwave dinners.
Every word is just a synonym for disdain
and the cameras lick it up
as if they were starving for fire.
Through his eyes, the audience of cellulite
looks just like barcodes
so he finishes
His next failed reality show
to buy them all
not with money
But with Orwellian fame
so he can skin them all
to hide
his menstrual baptism.

        --Robert JW

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


They say it's a difficult decision whether or not to have children,
But I look at the news and see the complete destruction of...

racial equality
gun control
worker's rights
women's rights
LGBQT rights
the very planet itself

...and I think that the decision to not have children
is the easiest decision I've ever made in my life.


Tuesday, February 21, 2017


“Captain America Is Old and Overrated”

The Orange Menace worries about his ratings.
He knows a battle would give him a bump,
the most miserable loss a Sweeps Week win.

The Orange Menace can’t stand Steve Rogers,
can’t stand living beings who make America great:
“@CaptUSA is just sad. Should’ve stayed iced!”

The Orange Menace attracts Captain America
by dissolving copies of the Constitution in acid.
He screams as a shield breaks his tiny hand bones.

The Orange Menace captures the battle on FB Live.
“AGGH! UGGGH!” he exaggerates for the camera.
Smiley and laughy emojis float across video online.

The Orange Menace puts Band-Aids on his thumbs,
allows less essential body parts to continue to bleed.
“Millions watched,” he tweets. “Millions. I love you.”

                                --Daniel M. Shapiro

Daniel M. Shapiro is the author of Heavy Metal Fairy Tales (Throwback Books, 2016), How the Potato Chip Was Invented (sunnyoutside press, 2013), and The 44th-Worst Album Ever (NAP Books, 2012). He is a senior poetry editor with Pittsburgh Poetry Review.

Monday, February 20, 2017



americans only know tragedy
when sports teams lose the big game
or standing in line at the post office

and there is a big line in this one
and people are sweating and cursing

looking at their phones and watches
as if there is somewhere of intrigue to actually go to

looking at the big clocks down both ends of the office
like it’s times square in alcatraz this morning

of course there are only two tellers on duty

and two of the customers are ready to duke it out
at the express window

but i was here first, one says
into this big vacuous void of apathy

some people just have no respect, the other says

well, some people don’t know
how to take turns, the other one retorts

and on and on and on like relearning the wheel
of fourth grade recess bitterness and contempt

until someone in line tells them both to shut the fuck up

and we shuffle at the invective
looking like gray waves at a sad and empty beach

you can smell a riot in here this morning
the earthy mist of moss before a microburst pops off

some of us won’t make it out alive
some of us won’t make it out with our souls intact
some of us have sports teams that will carry us

and that will be enough to call this game a life

it used to be that the world
gave you a bit of privacy,
one says to the other

it used to be that people were competent
enough to pay their bills on time, the other says to the other

they blend in like a perfect violence

and when the bell rings i step to the teller like a dazed prize fighter
having no clue why i entered this ring in the first place

two dozen sets of eyes on me
waiting to see what misery i will throw down

then she says, can i help you?

so i say, a book of stamps
a book of stamps with anything on it

but that goddamned american flag.

                 -- John Grochalski


Sunday, February 19, 2017


Last Light at the Biograph

The streets will splay,
a monkey’s paw of perdition,
black fingers curling to claw
the ancient fissures of the palm.
Without map or memory,
each road will braid a common scenery.
The signs will mean nothing.

Girls in bathing suits will press
hands to the observation window,
a mushroom cloud of white
billowing in their wake,
bleached cotton draped over scarecrows,
the thorny men in supplication
to the body behind the glass.

We will eat the fingers first,
sacrificing the hands
before the delicacy of tongues,
the most abstract of numbers
finding measure in teeth.

“Do you chew?”
will be the tenor of the thin and famous.
Bleached and horned skulls,
carved clean by jungle ants,
will grin under a bloody moon.

We will eat the ants.
We will eat the roaches.
We will eat the fleas.
We will eat the sand.
We will eat the ashes.
We will eat the air.

The pyres will be like Christmas trees
when at long last the final mourners pass
and in the body of Dillinger we trust.

--Larry Duncan

Bio: Larry Duncan currently lives in Redondo Beach, CA. His poetry has appeared in Juked, the Mas Tequila Review, Emerge Literary Journal and the Free State Review. He is the author of two chapbooks, Crossroads of Stars and White Lightning and Drunk on Ophelia. To learn more about Larry and his writing, visit at http://larrydunc.wix.com/larry-duncan.

Saturday, February 18, 2017


i will never surrender my light

even in my
unreachable world
full of dreams and golden light
there seems to be a darkness
i can discern no end of,
but i refuse to give up and give in
become the monster they want me to be
so i can bite everyone i love like
a rabid dog;
everyday since the election
i have woke with some anxiety wondering
how to fend off such evil in this world,
and i know i can only flare with
i cannot let them shape me in their image
of nightmares and darkness
i refuse to become a monster
hate cannot be driven out by hate,
and so i will love all those whom they cast from
their net;
because everyone was created equal
and we should all have a right to live our lives and our
dreams without fear or rejection or persecution
of who we are, we will be, and who we are.

- linda m. crate

WineDrunk SideWalk: Shipwrecked in TrumpLand week four Round Up.

well….here we are at week four. Nearly a month under so-called “president” sherbet baby dick. I’ve been on vacation this week, so I haven’t paid as much attention to national/world news as I probably should have. I will say this: my blood pressure is down SIGNIFICANTLY…although my liver is taking the type of beating that Mike Tyson used to give out. And I’ve been binge-watching the U.S. version of The Office…..also apparently I become a member of something called the BeyHive this week….hope they have membership badges.

so….this will be brief.

where to start with this dangerous farce?
so long Michael Flynn….it’s been real, bro…and Andy Puzder we hardly knew you.
Scott Pruitt…eat shit.

EPA….it’s been real.

Against all reason Kellyanne Conway is STILL around.

at times I like to think of the sherbet baby-dick administration as one big joke…but then I read about things like his rambling 77 minute press conference and the night sweats start again.

you media columnists who are calling on the GOP to do something….save it.  Unless sherbet baby-dick goes against their domestic terrorist agenda…which I believe is basically screwing people of color, women and the poor all the while serving big business masters while simultaneously putting the last nail in the coffin of the environment while keeping us in perpetual war…the GOP ain’t doing SHIT.

for those of you wanting to feel active while your elected officials take another hardly earned break….check this out HERE

that said…I’m out.

this weekend at 12pm both days enjoy the work of Linda M. Crate and Larry Duncan.

Submit2Resist at Winedrunksidewalk@gmail.com

Friday, February 17, 2017


"The One About Trump Fucking a Baby Goat"

The orange tornado has taken control
of a baby goat, he's El Rey Del Cabrito

He grips from behind with tiny hands
the goat's behind, and with his orange gland

he grinds up on that little goat's snizz
"How do you like the king of politics, kid?"


               --Josh Medsker

Thursday, February 16, 2017


The walk to work
In the meat packing district
Is long
And it is cold
Far from the train
Close to the river
But I take the longest route
To walk past
This place
It is not the fastest
Or the easiest way
To get where I am going
But it gives me a moment
To remember
To thank
Those who came before me
The trans ones
The drag queens
The dykes faggots and queers
Who decided
"We will not hide
We will not be passive
We will not give up
We will fight back
We will create space
That is our right
That is our destiny
That will always be ours."
No longer a one-sided fight
No longer victims
But active participants in the war
Rebels, resistance, ready warriors
And it was not the fastest
Or the easiest way
But it was right.
And now we fight
We fight today
And tomorrow
And Friday
And next week
And next year
To continue
The legacy
The bravery
Of what was started here

                 -- Lindsay Hope Simon

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


america today



on your

to hate
a family

-- J.J. Campbell

Tuesday, February 14, 2017



You are wanted and unwanted
a savior or a blight
such mixed emotions you stir
as you divide the already divided
Into thick slices of cake
to serve to your friends
who will undoubtedly grow fat
on our misfortune. 

To which I'm sure you will laugh
while the hands of devils
scratch your back and stroke your ego,
because that's what madmen do—
they laugh, while mountains die,
while oceans turn plastic,
while amber grains wither in a child's hand,
while icicles form on mammoth tusks.

So for four long years
I will be afraid of your shadow.

For four long years
I will wonder if our flag will turn to ash.

And as hope shrivels up and dies
on a cross of dead flowers
it will seem as if we have
fallen out of favor with the gods
while historians deny that
the lost city of Atlantis existed
knowing full well that we may
soon be consumed by it.

Unless of course you decide
to peer out the window
of the Oval Office each day
and view us as human beings
instead of dollar signs.

Which is possible but unlikely
for it seems your goal is to
turn our American dreams
into nightmares.

   --Charles Joseph

Monday, February 13, 2017


Fall In

Fall in
they say
fall in
give him a chance
they tell me
show some respect
to which I wonder
at which point was I shown respect
But still
they say
we don’t know yet
give him a chance
they say
fall in

Fall in
they say
fall in
we can’t be divided
stop being bitter
they say
fall in
fall in

Fall in
they say
fall in
fall down
kneel down
they say
kiss the ring
they say
fall in

Fall in
they say
fall in
fall down
lay down
face down
stay down
stay down
they say

--Ally Malinenko

Sunday, February 12, 2017


outside the polling place
two halves of a


wrapped around
the bowing daffodil
caution tape


for anger

a falling


Wearing the insect mask
to prevent insect murder.
Who will wear the human mask?

stop counting syllables,
start counting
the dead

-- Don Wentworth 

Saturday, February 11, 2017


Singing in the Shower

Sometimes I recognize that you will forget me,
that we will forget all of this, and that all of this
will forget us, that we ever inhabited this space.
But these days, I find that when I’m not thinking
about the present or the past, I’m often thinking,
“Don’t think that—just please don’t think that.”

I slice open my middle finger while chopping up
vegetables for dinner. Maybe it was an accident.
Maybe I wanted some outward display of what’s
inside me. Maybe it’s a little “fuck you” to myself.

It just feels like I’ve been so damn malleable lately.

I call up my mother to let her know I’m not “dead
on the side of the road,” as she seems to like to say.
She tries to comfort me by saying she thinks we’ve
avoided something worse, something like a civil war.
She means well, but it’s not much of a comfort to me.

But I think about D.H. Lawrence, how he said that we
have “to live, no matter how many skies have fallen.”
I put on John Coltrane records until I’ve run through
all my John Coltrane records, then start back at the top.
And that seems to do some damage. It seems to tame

the beast a little. I think I’m good to step outside and
confront the world. I’m getting ready and I’m singing.

                            --Scott Silsbe

WineDrunk SideWalk: Shipwrecked in Trumpland week three round up.

WEEK THREE!!!!!.......although it feels like year three with so-called “president” Sherbet Baby-Dick in the White House….doesn’t it.

I’m a fan of history so we’re not going to start this off by getting right into week three of the Fall of America…let’s talk about something that happened during week two that I forgot to touch upon.

For those of you unfamiliar with so-called “president’ sherbet baby-dick’s and every pseudo-white male liberal’s favorite boytoy….the good people at Bitch Media have provided a fan list of Milo’s transgressions right HERE. enjoy!

But for those of you who already know all about Milo, a speech by him, in the Martin Luther King Jr. student union of all places, was canceled on Wednesday February 1st, at Berkeley, due to violent protesters. That’s the nuts and bolts of it. I’ve been checking online and in print to see if these violent protesters were connected to the non-violent protest against Milo taking place on campus that night by students, but I’ve come up with nothing but junk from fake news sites like Breitbart and the Daily Caller. What I have seen/read are a lot of people on the right and the so-called left claiming that Milo’s freedom of speech rights had been violated by the protesters. It’s funny…I don’t recall the PROTESTERS, violent or otherwise, as being the ones who cancelled Milo’s little speech. If I’m correct it was the University that made that decision. So who is violating whose freedom of speech here? You want to speak, speak, you craven wimp…only be tough enough to reap what you’ve sown. Even so-called “president” sherbet baby-dick weighed in on it by threatening to remove federal funding from Berkeley…..that’s some classy company you got there you freedom of speech warriors! congrats!

I find it funny, frightening, telling, what-have-you, that nearly all of Milo’s defenders are white men, or someone who is speaking on behalf of white men. It’s a common symptom of the right wing and a large segment of the so-called liberal left to defend and ONLY defend the free speech of white males. Real people on the left are now being accused of trying to ban this free speech which, let’s be honest, is just hate speech. But the thing here is that protesting speech like Milo’s is also a form of FREEDOM OF SPEECH, assholes. Milo, you want to come to my university, my city, my state,  and talk your hateful, racist, misogynistic, bullshit…again, you better be prepared for voices on the other side.  So do me a favor you leftists in wolves’ clothing… tell yourselves and your right wing brethren to blame the cowardly institutions for cancelling speeches like Milo’s….not the people out there using their voices in a manner you claim to want to protect…..also…where were all you white male liberal fuckers when Madonna was getting shit for saying she wanted to burn the White House down? Powdering your noses, right?


Super Bowl 51 (fuck Roman numerals) happened…and apparently this one was a doozy. I wouldn’t know because I don’t have cable and I was drowning my sorrows in vodka because I couldn’t get a ticket for ANY of the showings of the James Baldwin documentary I Am Not Your Negro at the Film Forum, and streaming Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell on Netflix. But from what I heard the New England Patriots (so-called “president” sherbet baby-dick’s favorite team) came back from a 25 point deficit to beat the Falcons of Atlanta. It was also the first Super Bowl to go into over-time. Noted Trump supporters, Tom “deflategate” Brady and Bill “spygate” Belichick became the first coach/quarterback combo to win 5 Super Bowls as well….Christ, it’s amazing what you can find on Wikipedia!

Let me be the first to congratulate Mr. Brady and Mr. Belichick on this amazing feat….you know it’s not often that you see white men succeed in America. Thanks for keeping the struggle real you two!

But what you DO see a lot of white men doing, or men in general, is commenting on the appearance of a woman. Lady GaGa, my only real reason for even bothering to want to tune into the Super Bowl, performed the half-time show. And while I’m sure she was as stellar as always, albeit a little too non-controversial from what I read, apparently a lot of men (and some women out there…..53% of white women DID vote for a rapist you know) took issue with Gaga’s physique, specifically her belly sticking a touch over the waistline, in which the 1 ounce of fat that she has, reared its ugly head. 

Comments such as “sickened” and “disgusting” came from several nacho, chicken wing, fast food, soda/beer. drinking freedom-loving Americans who can sit on their asses for three hours watching a game, but most likely couldn’t run down their block without having chest pains.

I was going to post one of the offending pictures of Gaga…but having grown up a shamed fat kid to the age of 17…I’m not doing that instead here are some statistics:

one in five women will be raped in their lifetime. One in four girls and one in six boys will be sexually assaulted before the age of 18. 63% of sexual assaults are NOT reported to the police, and only 12% of them against children ARE.

You want to be sick and disgusted by something…be sick and disgusted by that.

Gaga, class act that she is, responded with this:

I heard my body is a topic of conversation so I wanted to say, I'm proud of my body and you should be proud of yours too. No matter who you are or what you do. I could give you a million reasons why you don't need to cater to anyone or anything to succeed. Be you, and be relentlessly you. That's the stuff of champions. thank you so much everyone for supporting me. I love you guys. Xoxo, gaga

One last about Super Bowl 51:  at least three members of the Patriots said they would not be attending the white house ceremony expected to be hosted by sherbet baby-dick this summer….kind of like Tom Brady did a few years back when Obama invited the team to the WH. Apparently he was getting his Make America Great Again hat washed that day.

okay, okay…enough.  This has gone on too long.

let’s get back to so-called “president” sherbet baby-dick….according to several sources trump’s approval rating is hovering at around 47%, which is quite unusual for a brand new president…usually it takes a few years for a president to fall that low. now that’s historic! No…no…it’s YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEE!
Of course…what IS frightening is that 47% of Americans have the same mental disabilities as the current president, and would most likely follow him down a flaming rabbit hole.

….but you know what IS historic? This week Vice-President Mike “closet case” Pence had to travel all the way from the white house to the capitol building to break a 50-50 tie on the confirmation of GOP-donor and WORST CABINET NOMINEE EVER Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary.  To learn more about what the Secretary of Education does and how much Ms. DeVos can fuck things up, I have provided a link right HERE.

Jeff Sessions was also approved as Attorney General in a 52-47 vote that was contentious and cantankerous and a bunch of other long sounding C words. What had to be the highlight of the whole darn thing was Majority Leader, Mitch “The Kentucky Neck” McConnell invoking Rule NO. 19 (Senators cannot directly or indirectly, by any form of words impute to another Senator or to others Senators any conduct or motive unworthy or unbecoming a Senator) to silence Senator Elizabeth Warren from holding court on the floor midway through the reading of a letter by the late, great Coretta Scott King from 1985 basically letting everyone know that Jeff Sessions is a douche for using “the awesome power of his office to chill the pre-exercise of the vote by Black citizens.” 

Mrs.Scott King might've been a touch pissed about all of THIS.

You can learn all about all of the wonderfully deplorable things that our new Attorney General can do to citizens now that all of the soulless members of the GOP (everyone’s favorite DOMESTIC TERRORIST ORGANIZATION), and one spineless senator from West Virginny allowed him to do right FUCKING HERE.

Want some more facts: according to The Guardian, 258 Black people were killed 
by the police in 2016. 39 were unarmed. 4 were killed by stun guns. 9 died in custody.
The Washington Post has the number at 232....regardless the number White Supremacy 
and Institutionalized Racism are still running strong for over 400 years.

Adding DeVos and Sessions to sherbet baby-dick’s rogues gallery and this cabinet is being to look more like the Legion of Doom rather than function department heads. 2017 continues to be fun-filled and action-packed.

What else?

ah….so-called “president” sherbet baby-dick’s little Muslim Ban had its day in court on Tuesday and as of this writing a 3-judge federal appeals panel rejected it on Thursday while I was binge watching the UK version of The Office. So Supreme Court here we come… but before this wonderful news sherbet baby-dick took time from tweeting shit at Nordstrom about his asshole daughter’s clothing line and calling the media a bunch of liars, to let it be known that he finds any challenge to his Muslim Band to be disgraceful…kind of like what millions of us find his Muslim Ban to be. Hell, even Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch came out to call sherbet baby-dick’s comments on the judiciary to be “demoralizing” and “disheartening” much in the way that millions of us felt when sherbet baby-dick picked a man who hates women’s rights and once used the phrase “fascism forever” to be “demoralizing” and “disheartening” in a pick for the Supreme Court....of course in our ever-changing news cycle Gorsuch has already backtracked on this.

Blah Blah Blah…Kellyanne Conway….the very name writes its own satirical comments so….

To be honest….mocking Trump and the sinister racists that he surrounds himself with (you thought I forgot you Steve Bannon) is quasi-comical ONLY because he’s so unpopular. The very idea that Trump could be pulling this shit with the will of the people behind him kind of makes me ill and want to vomit. At times I worry we’re one terrorist attack away from the tides turning and everything fading into black.

So…regardless of so-called “president” baby-dick’s fuck-ups, or his idiot cabinet picks, or that funny SNL skit that below the satire is working against itself and kind of normalizing these morons, the tweets, etc…..STAY VIGILANT.


….tell yourself that every day.

Stick around becuase we have the poetic stylings of Scott Silsbe today at 12pm
and tomorrow the masterful haiku of Don Wentworth at 12pm as well.

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Friday, February 10, 2017


alternative facts

i don’t know what everyone is bitching about
i like the idea of alternative facts
they’re federally sanctioned
so might as well get on board
before they take them away like your health care
like…say someone asks me where i’m from
now i can tell them that i’m as new york as it gets
but your parents?
an orphan actually, i can say
self-created and self-made
there isn’t an ounce of me that’s been influenced by somebody else
and all that ass that i got in high school and college?
kind of hard not to get it
when you’re the starting quarterback
class president, valedictorian, class clown
and voted most likely to succeed wrapped up all into one
women and men and all in between just throw themselves at you
i’m a first-class american winner
i was never the shy fat kid with few friends
thanks to the feds i can lock that bastard up and throw away the key
good riddance to that morose nose-picking fuck
did i tell you that i had two thousand people at my last reading
i had them spilling into the streets, mofo
and all of the books that i’ve sold have provided a steady
if not comfortable life here in the top floor penthouse
i only go to the job to keep up appearances
wouldn’t want to seem too boastful
like it’s all nineteen year old models and trips to paris
or is that wrong too?
like maybe i should revel in my luck
never had a day of sickness
never had to care for anyone in need
never had someone i love die on me
never skipped a meal or had an empty pocket
i don’t need to be told a thing about the world around me
i’m, like, a smart person okay?
a walking encyclopedia
a golden god
those bouts of insomnia at night?
that’s just me thinking the big thoughts you’ll never think
and all of those secret tears and labored breathing?
well that’s just the sound of triumph
right before it catches light and breaks on through

into something YUUUUUGGGGGEEE  

                           --John Grochalski