Wednesday, April 24, 2019


What Can You Do ?

What CAN you do ?
WHAT can you do ?
Surrounded by complacency and apathy
And constant, general dumb-assery
Keep yourself concious and alert
Although you're surrounded by people  as  dumb as.dirt
Keep yourself concious and awake
Even if you're surrounded by phonies and fakes
Fight against the thoughts of suicide
The Earth needs people like you on its side
Keep on keeping on, and stay strong
The time is coming, it won't be long

--Ian Copestick

Tuesday, April 23, 2019


three churches three hotels

three churches
three hotels

and sri lanka mourns
its masses

never-ending civil war
worldwide suicide of religions
never-ending holy war

and the president is on twitter

his fat orange fingers
can’t type out the lies fast enough

138 million dead!!

mendacious christian warrior
on the front line to oblivion

looks like we’ll have to redact that one too

three churches
three hotels

three churches burning in the south
right here in america

but the president
ain’t got shit to say about those

there’s nary a tweet

three churches
three hotels

sri lankan government
had all the information

but they
dropped the ball
like they were playing a round

of 9/11                      

--John Grochalski                                                               

Monday, April 22, 2019



Hateful speech vibrates the air of the room.
The coarseness of their words
does not harm their throats or lungs;
the speaking does not touch
sandpaper to that tissue.
But all hearts, theirs and ours,
feel friction.

--David Pring-Mill

Sunday, April 21, 2019


Red Lightning

A sprawl of light takes over the night’s horizon.
The authorities are quick to shoot down theories
that it’s something otherworldly or problematic.

There isn’t very much below us or above us—
it turns out we were short-sighted once again.
Talking to no one—or else myself—I say,
“I’m going to have nightmares tonight.”

But, then, this isn’t about me. It’s about us.
All of us. We’re in this damn thing together.
It seems to me that we forget that these days.

She suggested we sit and watch the country
burn and destroy itself—the way we knew
it always would. I guess I hadn’t realized
that it would be televised. But there it was.

For a moment, I think a little about the things
I would save if I could save them. Even though
it’s pointless. Even though they’re already gone.

--Scott Silsbe

Saturday, April 20, 2019


Hoping for an Alligator Coat

I’m gonna drain the swamp!
Help us with those emails, Vlad.
Doing nothing, stomp, stomp, stomp.
Puking out lies is so very sad.

I’m gonna drain that primordial ooze
Committing a felony to hide sex with a Playboy Bunny
Drunk on power not booze
The system is rigged! Bigly funny.

Rapist and murderers, I see them not.
But the gators seem to have gotten bigger
With that DC lot.
Who would have thought that, go figure.

The people hired a hunter to clean them out
He had to be strong he had to be stout.
To catch the big ones you have to have bait
Like every thing else, you have to pay the freight.

It’s a witch hunt no collusion!
The little fish have been reeled in, pay attention.
Papadopoulos, Pinedo, and van der Zwaan all losing.
Off to the pokey, off to their stanchion.

The smaller gators are falling like wheat before the scythe.
Gates, Kilimnik and Michael Flynn, too.
Mueller made a wallet from their mangy hides
Look out Manafort, the Marine wears a big shoe.

There are so many gators in that swamp
Like Wilbur, Alex Acosta, and De Vos
Poor old Zinke, busted on his Puerto Rican romp.
Guess we know who’s not the boss.

From old Paul’s hide he has made shoes and a belt.
Bone Spurs’ will make a nice coat.
Look out Donnie, he’s coming for your pelt.
I’m patiently waiting for him to sink your boat.

by John Clayton. 03/15/2019

Friday, April 19, 2019


Solar System for Sale
Carl Sagan
is that you babe?
I’ve been waiting
a long damn time
for my own planet
but a whole solar system
that’s some fucking shit

can I play god?
can I convince
the inhabitants
there is a god
one all powerful
being who chose
one group
of people to be his chosen
they got the valentine
now they can kill everyone else

I called because I thought
I wanted the universe
but how can I be responsible
for a universe
if I can barely get out of bed
in the morning
if I can barely watch a sunset
and not be mystified

maybe we should scrap the whole idea
maybe you shouldn’t sell any more universe(s)
if no one cares to notice this one
if all we can do is destroy this useless beauty
that may be a simulation
or an explosion in an ever-expanding flow of space

maybe you shouldn’t sell
any more universe(s)
until we’ll learn how to love

--Jason Baldinger

Solar System for Sale:

Photography by Jason Baldinger