Monday, January 5, 2009

Poem of the day 01.05.09

here we go again....

the way the new year crumbles

with millions
of idiots
uptown in
the freezing wind
waiting for the hollywood ending
to these twelve months of hell
waiting for the ball to drop
and the other foot
to come down
while bland pop
music plays all over manhattan
and old idols are fittingly
put out to pasture
and you and i, we are
in a 2nd avenue
mexican restaurant
men’s restroom
in the throws of passion
our pants down, fucking
your hands pressed against
cold gray brick
hovering over a pale toilet
my right hand
clutching the wet sink
high on wine and beer
moaning and pulling hair
and hushing each other
while a girl in the restroom
next to us
fixes her make-up and sings
auld lang syne
as someone pounds drunkenly
down the steps
getting ready to knock on the thin
green-painted, wooden door
that i have my feet
braced up against
to barricade
to enhance the night
and deepen the thrust
of this fleeting moment
in a year we’ve already forgotten.

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