Wednesday, February 18, 2009

winedrunk haikus: new york city 2003-2005

this morning i finally managed to do something i meant to do 4 years ago--i typed the haikus i wrote in NYC from 2003-2005, which pretty much show how i felt about nyc at the time. thankfully my opinion has improved, probably because i do not venture into manhattan nearly as much as i used to. in truth, i think i stopped writing them around the end of 2004. hailku and senryu, and certainly not too traditional as i was probably more influenced by Kerouac's haikus rather than Basho, Issa, Buson or any others at the time, although i'd read them. I'm going to print them in batches. so here's a first batch:

f train
the yawning blonde
a bored bardot

you’re as old and gloomy
as the falling snow

byant park
shop girls behind the windows
vacant, faceless

down and out
down and out in manhattan
all i did was cry

another gray dawn
falling over the BQE

oh lost!
my new hobo beard
to the east river

6th avenue at dawn
the round eyes of
latino girls, sob-filled

dead, bloodied pigeon
at 5th and 42nd street
without a chance

the 6th avenue subway
rings with tenor sax

times square!
another mirage

carrying the world
a restless bum
on 44th street

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