Wednesday, November 11, 2009

poem of the day 11.11.09


i asked her how much
longer she wanted to
and she stopped and looked
up at me and smiled.
she said, well, i don’t want
to be down here all day.
but she went at it again
and i stroked her blonde hair
as she bobbed her head.
i thought about my old girlfriend
and how she told me about
the time her ex came in her
hair because he forgot
to warn her beforehand
and she had to jerk her head
away, violently.
she made it sound like
it was the worst thing in the world
nearly swallowing his come
having it caught in the curls
of her hair.
and did i know how long
it took her to get it out?
she said it was like removing
gum or something.
that’s why she always used her
hand on me instead.
but this young blonde
resting down below my belly
she looked so determined
and challenged by the task at hand.
her lips looked so full
i could tell that
she wanted me to go all the way.
but i wasn’t so sure that i could do it.
i’d never done it that way before.
it was the latent catholic in me
a man who was the victim of his
ex-girlfriend’s cautionary tale.
and i felt bad for it taking so long
for thinking about the old girlfriend
and her hang ups
that i thought i should end this drama
and i almost did stop the whole operation
but then the blonde grabbed my hips
she caressed my balls
then put her hands under my ass
to cradle me
to press me in deeper.
she moaned loudly
sounding garbled, like she was
then she grabbed my shaft
and began simultaneously
stroking and sucking.
i moaned the moan
of the awakening dead
and got a pillow to cover my mouth
so that my roommate wouldn’t hear.
and when we were done
the blonde lifted her head and smiled
at me
she kissed my cock
and i thought
well, there’s one more thing
she does better than the ex ever did.

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