Wednesday, January 6, 2010

poem of the day 01.06.10

here's an old one. it's not about her, but it's in honor of my ancient chinese
neighbor and the wonderful tv shows that i get to hear through her walls each

dutch door action

through the thin walls
of this communal debacle,
i hear the neighbor’s music.
today it’s gansgsta rap,
so he must be feeling hardcore,
or something.
yesterday it was this retro country
townes van zandt bullshit.
my neighbor is a young, white male,
which means he owns
no tangible cultural identity.
but that’s all right, i guess,
in an era where woman and minorities
are losing theirs as well.
that said, normally in situations
like this,
i’d get mad, throw a fit,
pound on the walls until
my hand was hurt and swollen.
but not today.
today i just nod my head
to every thump of the bass
vibrating my walls.
maybe it’s good music he is playing,
and i’m finally on board.
or maybe i’m just happy
because it’s noon on a thursday
and i got off work early
and there’s a six-pack in the fridge.
could be.
or it could be the fact that
as i was coming home from the job
i saw the parking authority on my street,
and they were giving my music loving
a fifty-dollar parking ticket.
i watched the parking attendant work
until my neighbor’s windshield
was adorned with a blazing orange
new york state violation envelope.
it made me feel good to see it.
now i wonder what tune he’ll play
when comes outside and sees that?

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Unknown said...

I love moments like that... Small bits of odd satisfactions.