Thursday, May 20, 2010

poem of the day 05.20.10

rejection, rejection

you should stop sending some
of them out for a while
take a breather
go on the 15-day dl
because this shit isn’t cutting it
they tell me

et tu?
i write back
but don’t send it

i put the rejections
in a pile with the others
with the bills
and the student loan payments

maybe change up your style
quit writing about the women
who didn’t love you
the jobs that strangled you
the technology that you’re too lazy
to figure out

stop telling us how much better
we could be if we only tried as a species

others have done it so much
better than you in the past

stay out of that bar
the ones about that bar
are starting to bore us

listen to different music
i don’t know
put down the books and beer and wine
start doing it in the evening
instead of at the crack of dawn

maybe a new perspective will help

try changing when you take a shit
try wearing a shirt and tie when you do it
instead of that dirty t-shirt and boxer shorts
quit thinking that having a blog matters

everyone has a blog these days

we have a blog

sixty-one people or two people on a blog
don’t make a difference
when you can’t get a simple hit

try going back to the scotch
we liked the ones about scotch hangovers
and throwing up
you don’t write as well on only three glasses
of wine a night

do a novel
maybe a novel will clear your mind
it doesn’t matter that you have
five half-finished ones sitting in a drawer
write another

or do a poetry reading
get out there and mingle amongst the poesy slingers
hear what they have to say

this is just some friendly advice
my man

we were really just writing to let you know
that we’re passing on this batch
for now

but once you get it all figured out
feel free to send us some more

you never know
how generous we’ll be feeling
when we open up your attachment
or get your letter in the mail


Óscar Varona said...

It's always a pleasure reading you. And as I told you before, they don't know what they're missing. Good work, Jay

Unknown said...

Great one. Asks the questions we all ask at one point or another, John...

John Grochalski said...

thank you, kind gentlemen.