Wednesday, June 23, 2010

poem of the day 06.23.10

it wasn’t that bad

feeling horny
and she’s at work
i have no option
but to grab
the village voice
and head to the bathroom

i turn to the back
to the sex ads
i find a picture of a brunette
in a black bikini
her arms in her hair
a “fuck me” look
on her face

that’s the one

i pull the shorts down
take out my cock
and go to work
until god’s glory
is all over my hands
and the restless
feeling is gone

then i look at the ad:

#1 shemale
in town

shit, i think
running my hands under
warm water

sometimes you really
can’t tell.

then i dry my hands
pull up my shorts
turn to the movie section
and see what’s playing this weekend.


Bukowski's Basement said...

fuckin' hilarious...

John Grochalski said...

thanks, man. need to get my eyes checked.