Tuesday, January 4, 2011

poem of the day 01.04.11


as soon
as the teen girl
with the tight ass

she tisks and shakes her head

she turns to me
and says

those young girls
are always
flirting with you
i don’t understand it

girls have no pride
these days, she says

where were they
when i was younger
and could’ve used them?

i say

women have always
shown up too late
for me

what do you mean?
she asks

i mean
i can’t do anything
with them now

that’s good, she says
looking at my wedding ring

i like a man
who’s monotonous

monogamous, i say

she stops
and looks at me
it means the same thing, right?

in most cases
and for most people, i say

monotony is good, she says

then we watch
as the teen girl bends over
to tie her shoes

showing half
of a golden ass
with no panties to speak of

an ass
almost as smooth
as an ice cream cone
on a warm summer day


studio lolo said...

I think she's the same girl that exercises for the "endolphins!"

The word verification is : dialogre

You can't make that up.

stephanie clara said...

and a happy 2011 to you too :)
with happy in all possible ways.


Anonymous said...

Yeah there is a rather youngish lad who fancied me and I said, I'll be damned...lol

Great poem and great to read your words!!

Happy New Year!!

John Grochalski said...

Lynne...my co-worker always thinks teenage girls are hitting on me....i guess in her eye asking reference questions or needing help with a computer is an invitation to sin.

happy new year to all of you.