Tuesday, May 3, 2011

poem of the day 05.03.11

poem upon the death
of osama bin laden

listen to the radio
read the morning paper
don’t watch the tv news

see the young people
cheering in the street
climbing streetlights
hear them chanting
the nationalist chorus


so beautiful in their bliss
so assertive in their patriotism

they remind me of the young people
in the middle east

so much alike
that it doesn’t even matter

does it?

laying down with dogs
and becoming mutts has never been
so easy

a defining moment
meant to divide

….but hell
i’m just a crank
with a hangover
on a monday morning
dreading work

and the president has a nice smile
on the evening news

enjoy it, kids

raise your heads from your gadgets

for this is the ultimate status update
the grandest of flash mobs
the best text message you’ll ever write
with those precious thumbs

you need to pay attention

put down those peace signs
and raise those flags
because we’ve finally won

and it only took 6,000 of our soldiers
thousands of other lives
and debt to last for generations

to get that one little man
hiding out in a mansion
all this time

so come on and let me hear you




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