Monday, September 12, 2011

poem of the day 09.12.11

got god

they’ve got god
so there’s no talking to them

they’ve got the moral high ground

they’ve got god
and country on their side

so there is no discussion
there is no debate

not with god in their corner
not with those wheat fields waving in their eyes

these weak and foolish people
these human wastes
these flagellating dogmatists

the ones who used to eat, drink, and be merry
the ones who used to sit side by side in strip clubs
putting dollar bill promises
down the front of golden g-strings

the ones who made
early morning runs to porn shops
for drunken jackoff sessions
before they went to bed

they’ve got god now
so there are no more prostitutes

there are no more midnight blowjobs
in church parking lots
with statues of jesus looking down

there are no more drugs
no more glorious beer hangovers

just must see tv

because they’re hanging out with god
congregating with the like minded

they’ve shit out a few kids
and now they’re pledging allegiance

getting angry protests together
taking out anyone with a dissenting opinion

they’ve been brainwashed

but it’s all right
because they’ve got god

they’ve been damned
and they don’t even know it

but it’s okay
because they put out a flag
every independence day

these poor pious idiots
these humorless sycophants

the ones who are on the highway
every morning like you and me

the ones praying for you
with their corrupt words

the ones sweating at the brow
waiting on the next life

those blessed jesters
who’ve got so much god on their side

they no longer have to think.


bandit said...

Everytime I worked for effusively religious "Christians", I'd get shafted somehow.

The guy who invited me to prayer meetings, then burned me for six honeybees the next week.

all the accounts of a batist minister turned home developer when they'd overrun their budget, eyes bigger than their stomachs; who took a beating?

The heiress building her palace who left me holding the bag.

William Burroughs said, "Never trust a religious person, because they'll be praying to God how to fuck you over".

John Grochalski said...

love the burroughs quote