Friday, October 14, 2011

all good things, right? (poem of the day 10.14.11)

dear folks

first and foremost i want to thank all of you that
have stopped by Winedrunk since i started this experiment
back in 2008. seeing this blog grow has given me a special
feeling each morning when i get up to write.

but all good things must......

so as of today i'm ending winedrunk sidewalk. but endings
are always beginnings. there are a thousand different reasons
to end this blog and to keep this blog, but the most important
to me is keeping myself fresh as a writer. i'll admit sending
out almost a poem a day has worn me down somewhat.

that said, i won't be gone off the blogs for long. the hope
is to have an online journal next year, WineDrunk PoeTics. so all
of you writers out there, look out for it...and send me some shit.

thanks again


....and last...

ice cream and diet coke

the a.m. dj
keeps talking

about the wonderful weather
coming this weekend

the sunshine

i think of all of the people
that will be out in it

resolve to stay home

kill cockroaches
instead of dealing
with all of those dull faces


i sit here broken and tired again

stinking of scotch and coffee
waiting for an old classical cd
to burn on the computer

collecting the reject notes

unable to write a poem

abandoning a short story
after thirteen pages

maybe done
before i even got started

think of another week in this room

in this chair

wasted on art
on keeping my sanity

all of those weeks
all of those years
lost to small glories and failures

when i could’ve been reaching
for something else

having the world’s loneliest
pity party

looking at a stack
of unwanted poems

knowing none of it will help me
if i reach the age where
i forget shit all of the time

and someone else
will have to wipe my ass

i don’t honestly know
how the great ones did it

massive resolve
or pure insanity

a drive that i don’t have this morning

at all lately

or maybe they had something
as simple as long breaks out in the sun

with the other idiots

walking along the crooked streets

smiling stupidly

eating ice cream cones

or drinking
a tall cold diet coke.


bandit said...
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stephanie clara said...

I wish you the best of luck.
and the best of life.


Robbie Grey said...

It was always good to read your stuff. luck with your future endeavors.

Anonymous said...

Good luck - I really enjoyed your work.


Issa's Untidy Hut said...

Good things to come, my friend, no doubt ... this has been such an accomplished work. The volume of excellent poems you published here puts most "big time" poets to shame. Absolutely incredible.

Will be looking forward very much to your new project ...


John Grochalski said...

thanks, don...however i do miss it from time to time.