Monday, January 28, 2013

poem of the day 01.28.13

this thing of beauty

there are frozen puddles
of dog piss
on the street
and frozen streaks of dog shit
with ice crystals
frozen men
on frozen street corners
dressed in NYDOT orange
smoking cigarettes
and arguing
while staring at a frozen mound of water
caked around a fire hydrant
and there are frozen boys and girls
smoking dope in cars
doing idiot sex dances
on the way to high schools
that have frozen out education
to become prisons

amongst it all
i feel like a frozen puddle of dog piss too
wiped and useless
devoid of language and strength
thinking that having a car hit me would be a mercy
but at the end of my ropes
i step over a heap of frozen vomit
outside another shitty local bar
advertising disco nights and karaoke
and look up into the ugly sky
to catch the sun
as it is being squashed by two gray clouds
that cast their shadow
over all of this bullshit
and misery
thinking this thing of beauty
this goddamned thing of beauty
that will get me going
to the next disaster
on the next block

is almost worth it.


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