Monday, December 15, 2014

poem of the day 12.15.14


i was playing
jack kerouac that fall
just out of college
bus trips to maryland
bus trips to ohio
working half-assed
at a full-time job
that didn’t pay shit
i talked a good game about writing
but i hardly put down a word
just pissed away days and nights
with people whom i don’t even know anymore
drinking in bars
where i was the only white face
buying hot nike hats
and stale marijuana
loving women who didn’t even know i was alive
knowing where every quarter draft night
in the city of pittsburgh was located
vomiting in streets
pissing on porches
howling into bullshit
trying to solicit 3 a.m. hookers
pouring drinks over balconies in clubs
when the boredom hit
shoving dollar bills
into the crotches of strippers
with yellow teeth and shit stains on their g-strings
always planning to leave
but never going anywhere
stuck steaming like a dung-heap george bailey
waiting for the student loan debt
to start showing up
looking at that strange
hungover face in the mirror every morning
trapped in a moment
of clarity
wondering when
any spark was ever going to strike
or wondering
jesus christ
if this was it


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