Thursday, December 3, 2015

poem of the day 12.03.15


iceland  has a near perfect literacy rate
i’m willing to bet the murder rate
is pretty low there as well
i’d like to visit iceland one day
go to reykjavik and eat some hangikjot
visit bobby fischer’s grave
take a car trip to places
where you can see every color reflected in the ice
in america more people got shot today
fourteen are already dead
some say we haven’t gone a week here
without a mass shooting
some others say it hasn’t been a day
that doesn’t even count the cop killings
and domestic assaults
one wonders what the president will say
one wonders what’s left but for him to say nothing
go home
hug his wife
hug his kids
lock the white house doors
and wait for his term to end
but even that won’t get him away from the madness
i wonder if iceland has any mass shootings in their history
or does a near perfect literacy rate
deter one from opening fire
i think i’d like to move to iceland sight unseen
or maybe retire there one day
leave the bloodshed and murder of america behind
but i don’t know
if i’ll ever get there
we’ve had more mass shootings than days here this year
380 people have already died
chances are good
that before i get to iceland
i’ll probably get gunned down by some patriot
or madman
like i’m nothing but a lame horse
roasting in the hot nevada sun.

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