Sunday, February 2, 2020


Believe Me

“Donald Trump was the dumbest goddamn student I ever had.”
--Professor William T. Kelley
Wharton School of Business and Finance,
University of Pennsylvania

Trump metamorphoses into a brain surgeon.
Godlike examines the eleven American soldiers

Airlifted to Kuwait and Germany
To receive treatment for traumatic brain injuries

After an Iranian missile attack.
Announces to the public

They only have "headaches and other things.”
As if by ESP or precognition,

Or perhaps a twist of his magic wandu,
He’s inside their skulls.

A faux neurosurgeon with a shitload
Of malpractice lawsuits against him,

He determines all they need
Is an all-purpose capsule.

Trump blatantly and openly lies,
Says in a National Press Conference

“We suffered no casualties,
All our soldiers are safe,

And only minimal damage
Was sustained at our military bases.”

Like a huckster, a hawker, a quack doctor
Selling fake medicine

To his “Believe Me” unquestioning base,
His fictitious prognosis is never questioned.

--Victor Henry

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