Wednesday, March 11, 2020


Sociopathic Sucker

“Trump 'could suck coronavirus out of 60,000 people' and he'd still be criticized” –Mike Huckabee
“No need to panic.” –Donald Trump on the day the first U.S. coronavirus death is reported

Cretin-in-chief gathers his lackeys,
orders a panoply of unqualified temps to gaslight,
distract, offer an assortment of conspiracy theories.
He contradicts health officials during an incoherent diatribe.
Claims there’s no pandemic, just overblown hype,
calls coronavirus a new hoax dreamed up by Democrats
to damage the economy, threaten his re-election.

A whistleblower spills the beans about incompetence,
untrained workers exposed to contamination.
Victim numbers escalate with cases reported in
Arizona, Illinois, Massachusetts, Wisconsin,
California, Oregon, Washington.
Community spread replaces direct exposure
as a means of infection.

As the first U.S. death is reported,
our fake president with fake hair, fake tan,
fake names, fake marriage tells Americans
not to worry or panic, he’s considering another tax cut
to counteract the epidemic’s economic impact,
proposes slashing the CDC budget by 16%.

--Jennifer Lagier

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