Friday, August 28, 2020


Back to School

In the newest episode of American carnage
students as young as four greet the new
school year in bullet-proof backpacks.

In the parking lot, they will be welcomed
by a gun pointed at their foreheads to see
if these newest draftees are not feverish,

Are able to go to battle, and are willing
to put their lives on the line for
the president’s endless war on science.

This is a war on multiple fronts where
The forgotten war rages, and a group
of perceived enemies sit in chain linked cells,

A small box among a matrix of small boxes
under a converted box store, which serves as
a prison.  Here, the children dream of being

Free, but they are nothing more than fodder,
brown faced enemy combatants, POWs,
forgotten in the shadows as they wait.

Parents, unbound by country and race,
pray so they might see their children
survive to adulthood.

Presiding over the chaos, sire to children
with three different women , the president
stands with evangelicals and evangelicals

With him.  Together they raise their eyes
to the heavens and give glory their savior
Jesus Christ, whom they imagine

is blue-eyed and blonde, to give
his blessing over them and to
Win the war for their pro-life agenda.

--Tom Lagasse

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