Tuesday, June 23, 2009

poem of the day 06.23.09

audrey hepburn is in the garbage

four glasses of wine
sex in the afternoon
a glass of scotch
and three beers on an empty stomach
and audrey hepburn is in the garbage
she is resting on a pile
of black bags with flies moving
in an out of small tears
and she is smiling at me
and has one of those long
cigarettes in the corner of her mouth
and i want to say
audrey, baby, you got to quit doing that
because you and i know the cancer
is coming for you
and what about all that humanitarian
work you did
but audrey is just resting there
amongst the refuse of the miserable world
amongst the empty bottles
and pizza boxes
the receipts with ketchup smeared on them
and the cat shit wrapped tightly
in grocery bags
she’s just sitting there
like the world doesn’t matter anymore
she doesn’t even notice the rain
oh, audrey baby, i say
where’s gregory peck to make us laugh
when we need him, huh?
i tell my wife that we’ve got to save her
we’ve got to save audrey hepburn
from laying there in the garbage
but like all modern men
i don’t know how to help a woman anymore
so i don’t make a move
but my wife hands me the six-pack we bought
then heads over to the garbage
shooing away the flies
offering audrey her hand
as i finger a cold can of beer through the plastic
and look at the gray sky
wondering how long this storm
is going to last.

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