Friday, June 26, 2009

poem of the day 06.26.09

elegy for mj

tear stained night
and for once i don’t know
what to say
los angeles is head hung
and they are singing
pretty young thing at the apollo
in new york
the television is a comedy
of elegies
the same people that helped
put the pills in your hand
that sent you to saudi arabia
that pushed you toward vegas
that made you close the gates
on fantasy
and that gold plated home
the ones that hounded you
until you were broke
and turned your skin to paper
and your heart to dust
are sitting there giving us
the timeline of your life
as if we didn’t know
as if we don’t remember
tear stained night
and tomorrow we face the world
without you again
in los angeles
in new york
in vegas and saudi arabia
and everywhere
so here’s another elegy
right here in this bedroom
where i am suddently nine-years-old
holding that gatefold album
as the record player spins
the magic
over and over and over again.


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