Friday, September 4, 2009

poem of the day 09.04.09

is that the last thing you’re going
to say to me this morning?

sometimes it starts
with a shoelace breaking
these cheap brown k-mart boots
that you warned me
not to buy anyway
that have only lasted
me three months
the tread is already gone on the bottom
but how can a guy
pass up thirty dollar shoes
the week before payday?
and it ends in the hallway
with me telling you to go
and fuck yourself
before storming out the door.
i don’t know how these things happen
the way they do
constipation or a bad night’s sleep or something else?
the moodiness of a thursday
just before a holiday weekend
or because people are vile and selfish
sometimes they just happen for no reason
a shoelace breaks and the world goes
to hell for a few moments
a shoelace breaks in brooklyn
and flood water engulf the east coast
but i know this now
though a shoelace drive me
to near suicide
and a crumbling bar of soap can drive me mad
i’m too much a fatalist to have
such coarse business be our final discourse
before the day has it’s way with us
because if something happened to you
or god forbid, me,
i could never live with it
so i’m sorry, baby.
open up the screen and let me kiss your lips
just once
because your lips are passion and desperation
and shoelaces are on sale at target
two sets for $3.99

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