Wednesday, September 9, 2009

poem of the day 09.09.09


i think about that man
last saturday night
sleeping on the train
sprawled out on his back
taking up too many seats
i guess
for the common folk’s patience
otherwise why would the
cops stop the train
at atlantic avenue
just to haul him off
and sit him on a wooden bench
making him wait there
for another train
knowing that he was going to do
this business all over again?

it has to be stupidity
typical human stupidity
and it comes
from the president
on down to the guy
pissing his pants
in the local park
human stupidity
sometimes it’s so strong
it can drown a man
like flood waters
after a typhoon
or an earthquake
in the middle of the ocean.

it’s ever-present
always with us
burying us one by one
it is like paying taxes
or waiting on death to arrive
at our door
with a come hither smile
and a dozen wilted, red roses
in his cold, bony hand.

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