Friday, October 2, 2009

poem of the day 10.02.09

london calling

london again
what do i mean
london again?
i’ve never been there
london i feel like i haven’t
even tried yet.
sweet london.
old london.
london of 42 a.d. and romans
don’t abandon me too soon.
i’ve read all of the guide books
but i’m as dumb as a new born.
envelop me.
be warm like a cunt.
be my best friend, london.
kiss me full on the mouth.
i’m traversing an ocean for you.
i could’ve gone to venice
with dan
and oscar is waiting patiently
in madrid..
but london, i’m sending my valentine
your way
only valentines mean nothing.
give me byron and shelley
and all those other gloriously
dead bastards
and if i can’t get into your heart
you beautiful bitch, london,
then i’ll just die.
don’t let me down, baby,
and i promise you
that i won’t let you down

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