Friday, October 30, 2009

poem of the day 10.30.09

this is

this is
just another night
of dodging the
palpable ignorance
of the masses
in the train station
the manic preachers
crying for the end
of the world
dodging the hordes
of teenagers
and their fuck talk
the hapless underground
and the secretaries
armed with their
white sneakers
and tube socks
pushing their secret
bottles of wine

this is
just another night
of dodging
the rotten breath
and angry, snarling faces
of the miserable
and the damned
dodging, dodging,
for survival
always dodging
as millions of animals
stand ass to ass in crates
smelling their own
waiting on the slaughter
as millions of other animals
lay peaceful in the woods
dodging the random stray bullet
shitting and sleeping
wherever they want.

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