Friday, December 4, 2009

poem of the day 12.04.09

things are getting interesting

an ad for booze plastered all over
the subway says

things are getting interesting

if i didn’t know it before
i know it now

advertisers are goddamned liars

things are never interesting
they are pleasurable or disagreeable
for a moment
and then they endure

but these booze people say
that things are getting interesting

if you say so

and to prove it they have two women
on the ad
one black
and one white

the black woman is biting down
on a chain that is wrapped around
the white woman’s neck
and the white woman has her head
thrown back in ecstasy

my guess is these hooch merchants
want us to think the two women
are going to fuck

and what’s so interesting about that?

you can see plenty of people fuck
online or in the movies
or if your old fashioned
in the magazines

you can see black women
and white women fuck each other
or black or white men
you can see them fuck latino men
while latino women play with their cunt
or you can watch asain chicks
spread their ass cheeks
for all takers

there is nothing interesting about
watching human beings fuck
or do anything else for that matter.

humans have to be the most boring
uninteresting creatures ever spat out
by evolution on this planet.

so next time you want to sell me some booze
oh great and mighty advertisers of the world
just show the goddamned bottle
on the ad
if you want to get my motor running

skip the slogan and the innuendo
because that kind of bullshit
always tends to take care of itself.


Chris said...

Ads like that have the exact opposite effect on me: I won't buy the products simply because of how bad the ad is.

Unknown said...

Great observation direct from the Skid Row heavens...