Monday, December 7, 2009

poem of the day 12.07.09

starting a new position today so forgive if i'm posting old ones
will try and get my shit together by tomorrow


trying to dig up the earth in the rotten sun,
planting hedges for my mother,
the neighbor lady sees me struggling,
and comes over to help.
maybe she is around forty.
she has coal black hair with flecks of gray,
and a great wide ass, juicy enough to suck on.
i am thirteen then.
fat and sullen,
and i haven’t made yard work a general practice.

the two of us get on the hard ground,
she on one side, and me on the other,
and together we begin digging at the earth,
with vigor, both of us sweating, moving our bodies
up and down, trying to get out all the
brown grass and rock
to find that good, moist black dirt.
planting dirt.

the neighbor has a white tank top on,
so i begin to watch down the neckline
at the two sagging tits swaying back and forth
thinking, christ, this is the first time i’ve seen
something like this up close,
i should really get outside and plant things more often.
so we go faster and take shovels then hands
to dig at the ground.
and her tits keep swaying,
but not enough so that i can see the nipples at first,
but then the nipples finally come when the digging stops
and she reaches to grab the hedge we’re going to plant.

i’d forgotten the hedge in all this bliss.
i’d forgotten the hedge to the tune of two pink, huge nipples,
the two most beautiful things i’d ever seen,
both erect,
and almost as erect as my cock is at that moment.
and together we lift the hedge and get it in the ground,
covering it over with some of the excess dirt we’d
when we are finished, my neighbor looks up at me
and she smiles.
she wipes the dirt on her jeans and rises from the earth
to leave me.

when she is completely gone,
i get up, leaving pulled grass and rock,
the shovels, and the rest of the excess dirt,
and i go back inside my house.
when i get in there
it is as if years had gone by since the last time
i had seen the place.
it is a new era.
so much has changed.
and i stand there for a lifetime, and i just
don’t do anything.
i wonder what the next beautiful thing i’ll ever see
is going to be.
then i remember the dirt on my hands.
and i go up into the bathroom
to wash them.


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Unknown said...

"a great wide ass, juicy enough to suck on..."

My line of the day. Seriously, tho, great coming-of-age tale...