Monday, March 1, 2010

poem of the day 03.01.10

no men

brooklyn was pounded again
with sixteen inches of snow

i waited three and a half hours
for a bus that never came
while some guy coming off
a 15-hour work shift
bitched to his girlfriend over the phone
begging her to call him a cab

in the bedroom now
still somewhat soaked and frozen

the radio on to nothing good

i have jacked-off twice today
to no one in particular

outside the super’s wife and her daughter
are shoveling mounds of snow

they are panting and laughing
while i peak through the curtains
in nothing but a t-shirt
and my jizz and shit stained underwear

two beers and a few cheap glasses of jug wine
in me

i’m thinking of making it a hat trick
with my cock

but something about the scene outside
gets to me

the super’s wife and her daughter
so happy in all this mess

like they had no choice but to just give up

i think i want to help them shovel
but i know i’m not going anywhere

it’s okay though
there are no other men helping them

in all the world
there are no men

out there in the snow

or in this tiny bedroom either.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

powerful... The ghost of Hank is looking down, smiling...