Thursday, March 4, 2010

poem of the day 03.04.10

i’m going to fuck you in a paris alleyway

she gets her period today
just over a month before we’re leaving for paris

i tell her let’s count the days
and see when the next one is coming

we flip the calendar and count away to march
shouting out the numbers
like a new year’s eve countdown

she says the next one will come
around the 26th of the month

we should be fine for paris, she says

i look at her and nod

i pour us more wine while she tends
to the chicken frying in the skillet

i’m going to fuck you in paris, i tell her
you’re going to get fucked real good in paris, i say

she smiles and flips the chicken

i’m going to fuck you in a paris alleyway
up against a wall just like henry fucked june

we’ll scare away all of those french alley cats

we’ll wipe away a thousand years of literary tradition

what do you think about that?

she puts down the tongs and comes over to kiss me

then she gives me some of her wine
because i drank the last of the bottle,
making my grand statements

she goes over to check the chicken again
her face flushed, while i sit down in a chair

goddamned don juan after all of these years


Unknown said...

good one... nothin' worse than a ruined vacation (if u get my drift)...

Meitha Olderaan T. Soekotjo said...

it's gonna be a good gift for my bf..
so inspiring!