Monday, April 12, 2010

poem of the day 04.12.10

back from Paris, so hopefully inspiration will take it's course and they'll be poems
from the experience. for now, here's one i wrote a few days before leaving.

also..might have to start approving email comments b/c this blog is starting to
getting fucking spammed (a word i hate to use).

for jealousy’s sake

she asked me to fetch
something out of her jeans

in the back pocket
i found another guy’s phone number

i should’ve been glad to have found it

i’d wanted rid of her for months

but an anger rose in me
looking at this guy’s handwriting
holding her jeans
wondering how long this
note had been in them

if it had been used

i called her over
and showed her the note

she laughed until i threw
the jeans in her face

she tried to explain to me
that it was just some guy
who kept coming into the store

he wouldn’t take no for an answer

that note had been in her
jeans for weeks

she’d forgotten all about it

you know how i don’t like
to wash my jeans

it meant nothing

he doesn’t even come
into the store anymore

all plausible excuses
but it wasn’t a good enough excuse
for a guy like me back then

i’d been unlucky with women

even though i wanted done with her
she’d been the only one willing to fuck me

standing there i had to remind her
about all of other guys
that she’d fucked in her past

even the one she claimed had taken her
pretty much by force

maybe not so forced after all

she started crying
i’d been making her cry a lot in those days

she’d done nothing but make me mad

we just couldn’t recognize that we were at the end

she picked up her jeans

i watched her put them on

two olive-colored ass cheeks
gone in an instant

i didn’t even care if i’d ever see them again

she went into the bathroom
and hid out in there for about fifteen minutes

i took the note with the phone number on it
and tossed it into her trash

then i sat on her bed and waited

my stomach rumbled

when this was all said and done
i hoped that she wanted to go
to burger king for lunch.

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Jay, same over at the Hut, had to enable comment moderation. Haven't had any trouble since then. Don